Filipe Faísca was born in Mozambique in 1964 but lives and works in LIsbon, Portugal. He attended the IADE (Instituto de Artes Visuais e Marketing) where he graduated in 1989 as Fashion Designer.

In 1991 Filipe Faísca was chosen to the Official Selection for Medirerranean Europe Young Creative Biennale in Valencia, Spain, and was wellcomed to his debut at the ModaLisboa runway with his Spring/ Summer collection.

Alongside the development of atelier fashion collections – and his costumized work in which wedding dresses and national artists gowns stand out –, he has created wardrobes for theatre , opera, ballet, film and lines of accessories besides uniforms for several hotels , restaurants and discos

In 1993 he was assistant designer of Ana Salazar and later that year opened his own atelier.

From 1994 to 2006 he taught fashion design at Chapitô.

After a hiatus of 14 years Filipe Faísca returns to the runway of ModaLisboa in October 2006 where he seasonally presents his fashion collections. Awarded in 2007 with the Golden Globe Award for Best Portuguese Fashion Designer, he created until 2013 the shop Windows of Hermès in Lisbon and Algarve and Fashion Clinic in Lisbon and Oporto.

In 2011 he developed a partnership with the lingerie brand Triumph until February 2014. In 2013 he developed the Spring/Summer campaign for the Fashion Clinic Stores and taught a course in Fashion Design at ESAD, in Matosinhos.

In 2014 Filipe Faísca began his brand expansion with new points of sale in partnership with online and physical stores. In the same year the support of Christian Louboutin returned to his fashion collections and he had his first aftershow with Absolut. Also in 2014, the artist Joana Vasconcelos created a unique piece for the Callcenter Fashion Collection runway where Filipe Faísca also launched a collaboration with the brand of swimsuits Voke.

In 2015 Filipe Faísca was once again awarded the Golden Globe Award for Best Portuguese Fashion Designer. In a partnership with the Foundation Rui Osório he gave life to the collection “Darling” by printing on his creations the drawings of the children supported by the IPO (Cancer Institute). He participated in the exhibitions “Burilada” at the opening of the House of Design in Matosinhos and “How do you pronounce the Portuguese Design” in the MUDE, in Lisbon.

He celebrated 25 years of a full career in 2016 and has begun a collaboration with Montblanc and Wolford.

In 2017 he participated as a lecturer on Re-Design at the National Meeting of Design Students (ENED) in Covilhã, an initiative of the Beira Interior University and he also took part in the exhibition “Vestir hoje o teatro e a dança” at the National Museum of Theatre and Dance.